Campsite at Penvenan, Bugueles et Port-Blanc

Located a few kilometres from the pink granite coast and close to the Camping du Gouffre, the small seaside villages of Buguélès and Port-Blanc come alive with the seasons:

In Port-Blanc, in spring and summer, the activity is very active on the water with the numerous boats proposed by the Nautical Centre. The beaches and islands offer unforgettable panoramas. Autumn and winter give way to peace and quiet.

PENVENAN, BUGUELES and PORT-BLANC to discover in the Côtes d'Armor

Buguélès and its small marina located opposite the famous tide mill is protected from the prevailing winds by the Illiec pebble groove. The small streets of the village form a labyrinth between the properties and small gardens full of flowers and very well maintained.